Mobile Phone Reception and Internet

Best to turn your phone off while staying at Tregulland. But if you can't do without your mobile check out the coverage with the following links.

Mobile phone coverage is quite patchy as we are half way down a valley. You can usually find some reception just outside the buildings, use the links below to check levels of coverage. If you'd like more detailed coverage information, please contact your provider:

We have installed Superfast fibreoptic broadband and pay for a 500GB monthly allowance per house. Therefore, splitting it fairly over the month we allow 50GB per house for our weekend or midweek stays, and 110GB per house for a week long visit. Please be aware that we do monitor useage, and may have to charge if this allowance is exceeded (bearing in mind that it uses about 1GB to stream or download a standard HD film).

Since December 2016 we have installed fibre optic broadband in the Cottage and Barn. At the moment the coverage is limited to the kitchen and dining areas but we are planning to extend it to the rest of the house.


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