Wifi and Mobile Phone Reception

As Barford is so beautifully insulated, the phone reception inside the house is terrible. Step outside or try the glas atrium and you should find most networks have reasonable reception.  Enable your wifi calling which is free.  We do provide a landline for incoming calls,  the landline is intended to be used on an honesty basis, and usage is monitored, please leave reasonable funds to cover any charges you may incur on outgoing calls.

  • Landline number: 01288 361 518

Barford has previously relied on phone line internet connection which these days is next to useless. We have now installed a fully functioning connection thanks to some clever line-of-sight-technology! 

Our new system should now be ample for everyone, however the only way we could install it is "Cafe Style" so you will need to sign in anew each day. If you need further info on our wifi please email us on hello@tregulland.co.uk