Our beaches are beautiful, but the sea can be dangerous. The waves can get very strong and the rip tide deadly, please ONLY swim within coastguard protected flagged areas and be very careful of your children. People die every year because they underestimate the power of the sea. Because we are on the north coast we usually have fabulous, regular and impressive waves; brilliant for surfing, boogie boarding and body boarding.  All of the beaches listed below (except Wanson Mouth) are amply supplied with cafes pubs and shops – please see Places to Eat section to find out more details. NB always carry change in your car as the carparks signal/wifi is often non existant.


Wanson Mouth - Barfor Beach House

Wanson Mouth

The lovely little beach we look out onto is privately owned by the other residents of our hamlet – we are lucky enough to have right of access to it from the gate off our lawn. Please treat it with respect and leave no litter or dog mess. It is not recommended to swim from this beach due to the rocks. The shore is protected by heavily striated rocks which make wonderful rock pools stuffed with crabs, shrimps, snails and anemones – take a net and see what you can discover!

Widemouth Bay, Bude Tregulland

Widemouth Bay

Whether you want to swim, sunbathe, surf, hunt for marine life in the hundreds of rock pools or just comb the beach, Widemouth is the place to go; with a long golden sandy stretch of beach even at high tide, a selction of cafes and ample parking.

Dogs are allowed on next door Black Rock beach all year round and the sunsets here are fabulous. This stretch of coast is steeped in smuggling history and just south of Widemouth Bay some amazing little inlets and coves can be found.

Summerleaze Beach - Bude from Tregulland

Summerleaze Beach

Within easy walking distance of Bude town centre Summerleaze is a popular beach, with Beach huts to rent and the very brilliant Life's a Beach Cafe

Summerleaze is an unusual beach with a large breakwater complete with tower protecting a small harbour and the mouth of the Bude canal with its massive lock gates. On the opposite side of the beach there's a sea-water bathing pool making for safe bathing whatever the conditions. Backing onto the beach are grassy downs and the River Neet.

Crooklets, Bude from Tregulland


The sandy beach is bordered to the north by Wrangle point and separated from Summerleaze beach to the south by a rocky outcrop.  Stop off at Rosies Cafe for some dirty chips after your swim.

This small beach joins up at low tide with Summerleaze and Northcott Mouth forming a  much larger golden sandy bay. 

Crackington Haven from Tregulland

Crackington Haven

Crackington Haven is a small bay with a mixture of stones, sand and rockpools to keep the whole family happy.  With great cliff top walks where you can take in the breathtaking views. If the weather isn't great watch the waves roll in from the nearby Coombe Barton Inn or the Cabin Cafe.

Northcott Mouth, Bude from Tregulland

Northcott Mouth

Northcott Mouth is the main stretch of sand that at low tide joins up with Crooklets beach in the south and almost as far as Duckpool in the north.

As with many of the beaches in this area there is a mix of pebbles at high tide and expanses of sand, punctuated by the distinctive fingers of rock known as the Bude Formation.

Trebarwith Strand from Tregulland

Trebarwith Strand

Trebarwith Strand is south of Tintagel and can be reached on foot along the coast path, or by car.

The beach is completely covered at high tide. Please check tide times before visiting the beach. At low tide the expansive beach is revealed. The Port William, which overlooks the beach and cliffs is a very popular local pub.

Strangles from Tregulland


The Strangles beach is quiet even in the summer due to a difficult climb down to the beach.

Parking is restricted and the beach is accessed via a foot path. The beach is completely covered at high tide. Please do check the tide times before visiting the beach. At low tide the beach is revealed.