Tregulland & Co - Covid 19 update

Blackbird House Boat Corona Virus Information

Dear Guests,

Welcome to our beautiful house boat, we hope you will love it here.

In order to be allowed to open at all this summer due to the Coronavirus pandemic we have followed government guidelines and made some changes to how we operate. We have drawn up extensive and detailed plans to protect you, our staff and the local community from the risk of infection. Please do see our Covid Risk Assessment on our website We have implemented many additional cleaning routines and are now required to take contact details. As well as a later check in (5pm) and earlier check out time (9am), we also need to ask you to strip your own beds before departure as this is the task with the highest risk of infection for our staff. For more information please do see all our Covid documents on our website.

All our staff are checked for a temperature before each shift. They are issued with brand new gloves, a mask and apron for each shift. Every house will not only be spotlessly cleaned using hospital grade virucidal solution, but also one senior member of staff will ensure that all high touch areas of the house are wiped down as they are the last to leave before you arrive, ensuring your peace of mind and safety. You can wipe down all high touch areas again when you first arrive should you wish.

Due to the risk of cross contamination we have had to remove all jars of spices, and revert to individually packaged tea/coffee/sugar. We have also removed all toys, games and DVDs - please do bring your own. Please do not touch the books and other objects as we cannot disinfect them all. We have also removed the guest info booklet, all of the normal local information is available on our website Please be aware that much of it will not be accurate for these Covid times, and many of the local businesses will be either shut or working reduced hours, therefore always ring ahead to check.

As it is a high touch area, we have put all the cutlery and kitchen utensils through the dishwasher and returned it to the drawer/holder untouched by human hands (we used gloves). Everything else is sparkling clean as always. If you are uncomfortable about using anything else in the kitchen (glasswear, crockery, kitchen pans etc) we recommend you run it all through the dishwasher before your first use.

We have not installed wall mounted sanitiser dispensers as washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds is still the gold standard advice to remove Covid. Please ensure everyone in your party (especially children) washes their hands very regularly throughout your stay.

We have left additional cleaning kit for guests. If you at all concerned please do use the sanitising spray and blue tissue supplied to re-cleanse during your stay.

Stripping the beds presents the highest risk of infection.

Therefore, on your last day please strip all the beds you have used; your own and your children’s and put all the used bedding into one bag and all towels, bathrobes and bathmats (which may be damp) into the other laundry bag provided underneath this letter. Please also wedge all doors and windows wide open (where appropriate and within reason) to air the rooms as much as possible. It is important to leave on time (9am), as we need to protect our staff from any unnecessary contact.

If anyone gets ill (has a temperature or a new continuous cough) while staying in our house you need to email us immediately and plan to all go home ASAP. Please do NOT stay in our house until the end of your booking but instead self-isolate in your own houses. Please see laminated poster in reception rooms for more detailed information.

And finally, the local community is very keen to welcome you back to beautiful Cornwall, but is understandably fearful of tourists bringing in Coronavirus; please make sure you wear masks out of the house where appropriate, wash your hands regularly and stick to social distancing rules at all times.

Thank you for your understanding in these crazy Covid times, please do come back again next year when we hope everything will be back to normal and we can revert to a more relaxed changeover!

Yours faithfully

Ken and Illona Aylmer
and all the team at Tregulland & Co.

What to do if you get Coronavirus symptoms (PDF)

Draft Risk Assessment Pentire (DOCX)


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If you have any questions please call Bonny on 01566 77 0880.